Fifty Shades of Grey, Cley Style!

There was a touch of Fifty Shades of Grey about Cley the other day, and not just in the sky. Despite the grey, murky weather the Cley wild things were gearing up for spring, the crossover, when briefly a bit of winter and summer collide. 

There are still plenty of geese about, Brents mainly and a few Greylag. It's as if every grey that was in their feathers had been picked from the sky's palette. 

The Wigeon are not thinking about heading East yet back to the breeding grounds, and are just focusing on looking and sounding gorgeous. They do pretty well on both counts.

This lot of Wigeon were set up by a cruising Marsh Harrier, who was looking to impress his girl with a nice juicy duck breast.

Pinging could be heard coming from the reed bed as the Bearded Tits flirt. I had hoped they might show out on the path to pick up grit but I had to make do with a pair of Reed Bunting instead. Still cute though, even the blurry female.

Oystercatchers were line dancing, I couldn't quite work out who was leading, but there was a lot of calling out!

I watched a pair of Redshank mirroring each other. There was some subtle tail display too. It was all rather sweet until, it seemed one got annoyed with the copycat and got a little violent. They yelled and grabbed each other. They must like that, as they quickly made up and went back to mirroring each other, and so it went on.

I almost missed this grey plover, it was blending in so well. I do think it looks a little forlorn, as yet mate-less, unlike the loved up Turnstone pair nearby.

Teal are starting to get frisky, erecting their showy head feathers. I think they sound like an old-fashioned policeman's whistle when they call, I wonder if they have handcuffs too? Now that's just stretching the fifty shades analogy too far!

I didn't see the sun so the Golden Plover didn't glitter in the grey, but there was plenty to brighten the soul, photographing it was tricky mind you!


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