Nature Notes during COVID19 - the forgotten pictures!

I can't believe I forgot to post the rest of the pictures from my daily Nature Notes collection of 2020. See my previous blog post. Anyway they are here now, plus the bonus Advent Nature Notes in the lead up to lockdown Christmas 2020. Better late then never! They start with the tail end of #30DaysWild. After #30DaysWild and lockdown started to lift, I only posted notes at the weekend, unless something remarkable occurred such as 'Flying Ant Day'. At the end of summer, after Hen Harrier Day, I started to post notes about the changing seasons through the autumn lockdown. Instead of an advent calendar l decided to do Advent Nature Notes, with a Christmassy theme. And following Advent we had the Twelve Days of Christmas Nature Notes. I continue to occasionally post some nature messages in the window, but my COVID19 Lockdown Nature Notes have ended, if only it was this easy to end the pandemic and focus on healing the planet. Please do your bit to help nature's recovery and